The Process

SouthStar Communities® sells custom homesites directly to consumers. We offer a variety of homesites specifically designed to satisfy customers with individual needs or desires: wooded, hilltop and golf course views, as well as lakefront, riverfront, marshfront or creekfront lots.

But picking out your personal piece of paradise is only the beginning. Intertwined with your choice of SouthStar community and your individual homesite is how you plan to use your land. Are you looking to build your dream home right away? Stay put and build down the line as a retirement residence? Keep your land for the legacy of your family? Whatever you decide, SouthStar Communities supports the choice and gives you options for each.

Unlike many other developers, SouthStar does not mandate your builder or the timeframe of your build. You can use any custom builder you choose, or we can recommend several for you to compare. If you want to build immediately, we have programs in place that package features that can make your custom home even more valuable. But, there is no pressure. Should you simply want to buy a piece of land to add to your portfolio, that is fine as well. And, we certainly understand why. After all, SouthStar Communities land continues to support smart investments.

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